The Essentials to Include for a Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

The Essentials to Include for a Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

It’s easy to have all the luxuries you desire in your own bathroom if you choose the right fixtures, finishes, and details. Try these transformative ideas in your bathroom remodel to create the relaxing spa you want.

Technology. Go with some smart gadgets for some added convenience. You can listen to your playlist with a voice-activated Bluetooth shower speaker, or feel incredible comfort with an electric towel warmer. Add some shine with a lighted toilet seat, or make it a no-touch bathroom with a hands-free soap dispenser.

The Trend is Your Friend. Try a modern look with new lighting fixtures. Today’s new designs include matte black and sleek brushed gold finishes. You can easily and economically make a trendy move with new towels, shower curtains, and bath rugs that will freshen up the space without a large bath remodel.

Sauna. You may need a bigger budget for this, but a gorgeous new sauna can help you detox and relax. Speak to your remodeling contractors to create the perfect sauna environment.

Tile Touches. Use high-end tiles to create the luxe look you want for your bathroom. Marble tiles, for example, add stunning sophistication to your bath remodel.

Expand Your Shower. Cramped tub and shower combinations, or standalone showers don’t cut it for a luxury bathroom remodel. Enlarge your shower while adding glass doors and multiple showerheads with high-end tiles to really make a statement.

Reflections. You don’t need basic, contractor-grade mirrors when you’re going for a luxury bathroom space. Find the perfect decorative mirrors that offer some flair and uniqueness. Framed mirrors come in various shapes, colors, and sizes to suit your style. Now trending are gold and silver metallic finishes.

Japanese Toilet. Even the toilet can be upgraded. Japanese toilets come with an elongated shaped bowl that extends seamlessly to the floor. This can instantly elevate the look of your bathroom with a stylish contemporary feel that is perfect for any style that bathroom remodel companies can create.

Splash of Art. Give yourself a chance to express your own ideas by finishing your bathroom remodel off with a few select pieces of art. Sure it can include a painting of your favorite artist or a beautiful landscape, but you can include sculptures or fine pottery as well. Use these pieces to bring everything together in one luxuriously themed bath renovation.